Deer, oh dear.


Like many others, I am completely enamored of woodland creatures. While lots of critters hold a place in my heart, deer are among the most beloved. Since countless etsians share my love of deer, I thought I would share a few of my favorites.





Row 1: Backbone, Figs & Ginger
Row 2: Nice, Berkley Illustration
Row 3: Sharon Montrose, Paradox Jewelry
Row 4: Johnny & Stacie, The Runny Bunny


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4 Responses to “Deer, oh dear.”

  1. Stacie Says:

    Thanks for the post. Nice Selections!

  2. owentroy Says:

    this deer test print poster on etsy is nice. For you know, dudes into deer.

  3. owentroy Says:

    or, less skully, more floral. And chipboard!

  4. Jessica Troy Says:

    Thank you for the tip in re: where to find a mini deer head. I have been looking for a mini deer head for quite some time and have finally taken the plunge and gotten one.

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