Etsy Day: Scherenschnitte!


Many cultures have many different names for the art of cut paper: Scherenschnitte (German), Kirie (Japanese), Sanjhi (Indian) and Papel Picado (Mexican) are just a few. In honor of etsy day and my love of silhouettes, I’ve chosen some papercuttings that range from semi-traditional and folky to super-intricate and modern. All of these amazingly delicate works of art are cut by hand.







Row 1: papercutdiecut, Papercuts by Joe
Row 2: Miss Macau, papercutdiecut
Row 3: Pen and Paper, Tina Tarnoff
Row 4: MyPaperCutting, Lisa Loo
Row 5: Arabesque Arts By Darcy, olympicsparrer88
Row 6: vanillarp, Jenny Lee Fowler

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4 Responses to “Etsy Day: Scherenschnitte!”

  1. Jenny Lee Fowler Says:

    What a beautiful collection! Thanks so much for including my red windmill commission.

  2. LI Says:

    Thanks for including me in your lovely blog. You are so sweet..:)

  3. Darcy Says:

    Exciting o see so many talented cutters!
    Find a friendly and experienced group of papercutters on the Internet: a.k.a. Guild of American Papercutters

  4. Amanda Says:

    Thank you so much for including my piece in your blog!

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