New Work from Noah Dasho




Noah Dasho just sent over some images of a beautiful new etching he just finished called Conversations. It is a 12″ x 16″ two-plate etching (softground, aquatint, spitbite) with added watercolor.

View some of Noah’s older work after the jump.






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7 Responses to “New Work from Noah Dasho”

  1. Hillary Talltree Says:

    Noah is incredibly talented. Who else can make a subway station look so peaceful and beautiful? Or the crowded rooftops of NY look so serene?

  2. kirstenfinkas Says:

    Agreed! The new bird pieces are some of my favorite things he’s done. Nice work Noah!

  3. Suzee Says:

    Can I love them all?! These are really incredible. Too bad you can’t give up your day job to be a full time artist!

  4. Jess Shay Says:

    Noah it’s so exciting that every couple of months, we get to follow you through a new project from idea to printing phase. The latest bird pieces are awesome…love the integration of watercolor….way to progress!!…they turned out so good!!!

  5. kelly grubb Says:

    LOVE your style.
    please become a teacher.

  6. Jessica T Says:

    Noah Dasho, who are you?

  7. Shawn Says:

    Noah’s work continues to get more beautiful. The subtleties in layering color and line really bring a richness and maturity to his new work. Wow! Such a joy to watch someone you actually know develop mastery in their art.

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