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Three of the four experts are going to see the Decemberists play tonight at the newly-restored and reopened, historic Fox Theater in Oakland. Since I’m a big fan of silkscreen, gig posters and the Decemberists, here is a collection of some of their beautiful show posters.





Even more posters, and all the poster credits, after the jump.









1. The Small Stakes
2. Hero Design Studio
3. Aesthetic Apparatus
4. Strawberry Luna
5. I am not sure who the designer is for this poster. If anyone knows, I would love to credit them. I found it here. Justin David Cox
6. Aesthetic Apparatus
7. Decoder
8. electrofork
9. A collaboration between Jen Skelley and Nate Duval
10. The Clearance Sale
11. The Bird Machine
12. Switch Open This poster is actually two posters that when placed on top of each other make the main poster.


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3 Responses to “show posters”

  1. Sam Says:

    I believe #5 is by Justin David Cox,

    The Decemberists have a history of fantastic gig posters. Whenever they go on tour it’s always exciting to see the new prints that get made. Mike King especially has designed a number of beautiful tour posters for them.

  2. “the experts agree” « untidy revelations Says:

    […] design, gigposters Not only that the decemberists are great, but that they have a lot of great posters. I’m happy to be included in their list of artists, and man I wish I had a copy of the Jay […]

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